The application of the environmental acoustic discipline is directed to all companies and organizations of every workplace regardless of size when noise is contemplated in the working room. All builders and designers must guarantee the passive acoustic requirements of buildings. Noise pollution legislation has undergone a rapid evolution since the publication of Law 447, 26th October 1995, called "Framework law on noise pollution" that became law in early 1996.

One of the innovations introduced by law no. 447/95 concerns the identification of a new professional figure in the field of environmental acoustics, i.e. the so-called Competent Technician in Environmental Acoustics (TCAA), a professional figure pursuant to art. 2, c. 6, and subsequently disciplined by the Presidential Decree issued March 31st, 1998 called "Guidance and coordination act containing general criteria for the performance of the activity of the competent technician in acoustics, pursuant to article 3, paragraph 1, letter b), and article 2, paragraphs 6, 7 and 8, of the law 26 October 1995, n. 447 Framework law on noise pollution ". The competent technician represents the appropriate professional figure suitable for making the measurements, verifying compliance with the values ​​defined by current standards, drawing up the noise reduction plans and then carrying out the related control activities. The C.M.L. Vesuvius has 2 qualified technicians in Environmental Acoustics. The main services provided by these professionals are the following:  
Acoustic Impact Assessments and Evaluations;
Acoustic Climate Surveys and Evaluations;
Assessment of passive acoustic requirements of buildings, certifications and tests on site;  
Phonometric Measurements and Evaluation of the input levels in external and residential environment;
Study and Design of the architectural acoustics of special environments (canteens, gyms, auditoriums, public places, etc.);
Design of sound remediation interventions on machines, systems and work environments;
Planning of environmental acoustic remediation.


Among our services and consulting we feature:

Evaluation of PM10, PTS, NO, NO2, NOx; Determination of ASBESTOS fibers; 
Seismic monitoring;
Core drilling and sampling of polluted sites; 
Sampling of subsoil fluids with special methods;
Chemical analysis of soils and waters in certified and accredited laboratories.

Technical consultancy with regards to Legal Regulations; 
Technical consultancy for remediation;
Characterization plans; 
Investigation plans with regard to the soil, subsoil and groundwater sampling;
Chemical and physical analysis of soil, subsoil and groundwater.

Taking of suspect materials;
Photographic documentation;
Evaluation of asbestos & cement roofing - index D.I. criteria application; 
Evaluation of risk "VERSAR"; 
Monitoring of the concentration of asbestos fibers dispersed in the air;
Asbestos risk assessment document (in collaboration with laboratories accredited by Ministry Health Department).

ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORIZATIONS for energy production plants
A.I.A. - Integrated Environmental Authorization - A.I.A. (Legislative Decree 152/2006);
A.U.A. - Single Environmental Authorization Legislative Decree 59/2013;
A.U. - Single authorization for energy production plants.

Design and construction supervision of abatement systems Authorization for atmospheric emissions;
Simulation of fallout on the ground;
Management plan with regards to polluting solvents.

Environmental impact assessment
Assistance and consultancy in administrative procedures (tenders, specifications, contracts etc) and design and works supervision of waste management systems design;
Management of the works for the execution of waste collection centers;
Taking charge of Technical Manager;
Ecological-environmental data processing (keeping of loading-unloading registers etc) - Management of SISTRI;
Preparation of  documents required by law in order to get all the authorizations collection and transport according to ordinary procedure (registration in the National Register of Environmental Managers);
Packaging management (CONAI and other Supply Chain Consortium)

Consultancy for the safety in transportation of dangerous goods by road and rail, that is the Assessment of enforceability of the legislation - Legislative Decree 25/2010 / N.2008 / 68 / CE);
V.I.A. - Environmental impact assessment;
V.A.S. (IT GOES. S.) - Strategic Environmental Assessment;
S.C.I. - Environmental Impact Study.

Measurements and evaluation: acoustic impact assessment; 
Measurements and evaluation: Acoustic Environment;
Evaluation of passive requirements of buildings;
Certifications and Testing on site;
Phonometric Measurements and Evaluation of input levels in external and living environment; 
Acoustic Architecture and Configuration Design;
Design of sound remediation interventions on machines, systems and rooms.

Geological geo-technical relations;
Determination of geo-technical characteristics of the soil;
Geo-electric tests for water research
Geo-sismic surveys.