C.M.L. Vesuvio S.r.l. coordinates both professionality and long-term experience of decades in the field of safety, quality, environment and occupational medicine with regard to all the obligations deriving from the application of Italian Laws set by Legislative Decrees no. 271/99, 272/99, 81/08, 106/09. We also provides health certifications nationally and internationally recognized at all levels (offshore, OGUK, OLF, etc.). A qualified network of experts, through the use of advanced IT tools, ensures the correct interpretation and the overall solution of all the problems that may concern public and private companies providing services, advice and all-round services. Based on the experience gained, C.M.L. Vesuvio S.r.l manages all company situations relating to health and safety at work, effectively carrying out all the organizational and documentary obligations deriving from the aforementioned Decrees. C.M.L. Vesuvio S.r.l. it is also able to provide consultancy and technical support to health security coordinators, as referred to in articles 89 and following articles of Legislative Decree 81/08 as well as training activities of various types and at all levels as personalized professional training courses for employers, safety managers, emergency teams and specific risks. Finally, C.M.L. Vesuvio S.r.l. is able to provide advice and support for geognostic and geological investigations. CONTACT US

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